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Technology can stop a lot of cyber attacks - but not all.

You can have the latest cutting edge security systems in place but if your company staff are not cyber aware it's only a matter of time until a breach will happen. Be proactive, not reactive.

Our cyber security course's online modules take the student through practical steps to stay secure

Course Modules

Did you know?

PrimoConnect's Online IT Cyber Security Awareness Training was written by our CISO...former IT security trainer to the US military and incredibly highly accredited and experienced ethical hacker! Real-life training in plain English for non-techie employees - to encourage secure practices and protect your business.

What is Social Engineering?

Most of the data breaches you read about in the news today start off with an attack vector referred to as Social Engineering. Unsuspecting users are being targeted with phone calls, phishing, spear phishing, portable media and other types of attacks in order to gain access to corporate networks. The majority of IT users have not attended cyber security courses, have no technical background, little or no IT security training and are unaware of the techniques and methods hackers use to target them.

  • Millions of people are targeted with phishing and spear-phishing attacks on a daily basis

  • It only takes one wrong click or user action to have the whole organisation compromised

  • Attackers use Email, Phone calls, Impersonation, Portal Media, QR Codes and other vectors

Did you know?

Most IT security training and cyber security courses focus on just email phishing because it is an industry buzz phrase to make a quick buck...but PrimoConnect's Online IT Cyber Security Training for staff is the most thorough course on the market! Email phishing is covered in just one of our 10 modules! 2.5 hours of video and multiple-choice questions covering everything from home devices, to working on a cafe's WiFi, to your identity (not to mention all the 'in the office' and 'working from home' tips and tricks). Now that is value for money (and proper IT security training to safeguard your business)!

We cover security products on the market and our advice on each


Cyber Awareness Course

Let us help you protect your network before you are hacked!

Our Cyber Awareness Training program educates users on threats and methods hackers use and will help organisations mitigate risk. The training includes questions at the end of each module and a cyber awareness training test at the end of the training, after a fantastic bonus module. The Cyber Awareness training course is an online IT security training course that is a must for anyone who uses information technology as part of their job, be it a company employee or a contractor to help avoid the business being hacked. Cyber security courses online are ideal for today's modern flexible working businesses. Whether you are considering cyber security training for beginners or important reminders to established more technical employees, our simple format is easy enough for people on all levels to understand and learn to take proper security measures.

Our 9 Training Modules

  • Computer Usage

    Ethical computer use, software installs, file sharing, day to day situations

  • Your Identity

    Authentication, 2 factor authentication, passwords, online identity, ID theft

  • In and around the Office

    Social Engineer in person and over the phone, physical security, situational awareness

  • Email Communication

    Phishing, Spear Phishing, Hoax, Digital Email signatures and encryption

  • Portable Media

    CDs, USBs, WiFi enabled devices

  • Social Media

    Social Media usage and tips, Do’s and Don’ts

  • Using the Web

    Cookies, Javascript, ActiveX, HTTP vs. HTTPS, General tips

  • Working from Home

    Security mechanisms and best practices, Teleworking

  • Wireless Security and Mobile Devices

    WiFi attacks explained, WiFi security Tips, QR codes, Mobile Device security and tips

  • Bonus Material: Cyber Security Tips and Tricks

    Verifying HTTPS, generating secure passwords, Pastor, Google Authenticator, Free Email certificate, researching IP and mail header, browsing traces, where hackers shop, free antivirus / anti-malware

Our Course

Our video training program is structured into 9 modules and 1 bonus module to help your business avoid being hacked through social engineering means. Every Cyber Awareness Training module finishes with a review quiz. Attendees who have worked through all 9 modules will be presented with a final cyber awareness training test exam of 20 questions to test their acquired knowledge. It is very important to have employee IT security training in today's world and cyber security courses online are ideal for modern flexible and often global companies. With our staff IT security courses your team will gain knowledge and awareness on how to prevent breaches by recognising common threats to users and businesses, understanding how hackers think and attack, and general Cybersecurity Awareness in your day to day work. PrimoConnect's cyber security courses online will also help you protect your home computer, smartphones, tablets and WiFi properly.

Why us?

The Cyber Awareness course is brought to you by industry leading individuals with a long and successful track of providing Security Consulting, IT Security Training, Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing to clients around the globe. Among our customers are governments, large financial institutions, online betting companies and other high profile businesses. The author of our Cyber Awareness Training is a 20 years+ IT Security veteran and co-founder of a well-known and respected U.S. Cyber Security company.

  • Our Security Consultants hold the highest vendor and government certifications

  • We are the first point of contact for all sophisticated network needs including those of banks, military, and tech companies

  • We ensure that we understand your needs and working dynamics

  • All of our Security Consultants and Trainers have at least 10+ years professional work experience

  • Many of our Security Consultants still work with governments, military & financial organisations on a regular basis

Some of the organisations we have worked with

What people are saying

Adam M

Structured and to the point

Adam M

This training was an eye opener. Not only did it change my approach to network security, but also I am a lot more cautious when getting online at home now.
George Olesen, The Access Platform

Great Support! I'll be sure to recommend you guys

George Olesen, The Access Platform

Thanks for all of your support. I'll be sure to recommend you guys and your services in future. If we have further security training or testing needs, I'll be in touch.
Rich B

Excellent training

Rich B

This class sharpened our senses around portable media and the dangers of merely plugging a USB in! It's been useful for all our employees.
Neil W

Great class

Neil W

Thank you so much for the training. We are certainly a lot more careful now when dealing with emails and surfing the web.
Steven L

Thanks again

Steven L

We fell victim to spear phishing and call fraud before. Such an educational exercise for our staff was long overdue. Thanks
Bill J

Very useful

Bill J

The knowledge we acquired will help our team to be a lot more vigilant moving forward. Excellent course structure.


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